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The 5 Kinds of Blockchain Projects (and Which to Watch Out For)

Blockchain burst on the tech scene ten years ago with the launch of Bitcoin. That first introduction led many business leaders to see blockchain and cryptocurrencies as synonymous. In fact, blockchain’s value proposition is far broader. At its most basic it allows two or more people, businesses, or computers to exchange value in digital environments without having an intermediary like a bank or a third-party platform between them. In other words, blockchain redefines the terms of trade for the digital economy.

Consider, for example, how a car insurance blockchain could store policy details and contract rules and automatically process third-party claims, improving efficiency and reducing fraud; or a hospital blockchain could capture medical records and share them on-demand with authorized providers; or a blockchain could capture the custody trail of French wine all the way back to the vineyard, or diamonds to the mine, reducing counterfeiting…



The Top 10 Blockchain Projects in the World

They are considered the future engine of the world economy. Some credit institutions are already actively interested in the technology because of their desire to provide absolute security of monetary transactions to their clients. For example, Facebook recently released its own cryptocurrency. Some blockchain projects have succeeded commercially in just a year. For others, five years were not enough for a full-fledged entry in to the market. In addition to the extremely successful Bitcoin, there are about a thousand projects actively developing in the field of blockchain at the moment. We have chosen 10 of the most promising, interesting, and commercially attractive blockchain projects…



TOP 5 blockchain projects to make you RICH